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Paestum and surroundings

Paestum and surroundings

The hotel Parco deiPrincipi is located in a very good position to join the best your free time. It is a few miles from Paestum railway station (6 minutes) and Capaccio railway station (10 minutes). From here it is possible to reach in few minutes the neighboring cities on the Cilento coast thanks to the regional trains.

Paestum is well known thanks to her beautiful sea but also for her wonderful archeological site that is part of the Unesco heritage list, and it will be also possible visit the Archeological Museum of Paestum. The Hotel Parco deiPrincipi is very close to the ruins (5 minutes); moreover we also offer a rent bike service to allow our guests to reach the archeological area (during the summer).

From our hotel is also possible take a bus offered by the Cilento Outlet Village to spend a funny and wonderful shopping day with sales discount up to 70% all the year.


Other destinations are:Agropoli fascinanting city with a suggestive norman castle. From Agropoli is available a ferry boat service to spend a wonderful day in Capri, Ischia or Amalfi, other beautiful destinations in our regio.

Instead Salerno is 30 minutes distance from Paestum: on the way you can find many cheese factory where it is possible to taste milk products: yogurt, ice creams and desserts made with buffalo milk and in particular the famous “mozzarella”, it will be also possible to eattypical products and dishes of the Mediterranean Diet, which Cilento is birthplace.

The Cilento National Park is considered a wild paradise full of natural wonders that everyone should visit at least once in his life.

Actually the nearest international airport is in Naples which is distant 1 hour and a half by train.

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